2017 Impact Youth Club Hurricane Relief Walk

IMPACT’s student volunteer group, IMPACT Youth Club, hosts a walk to help fundraise money for Hurricane Harvey and Irma victims during September 2017.

2016 Paris Tour

IMPACT participants and FIREBIRD piano trio performed in the American Church in Paris located in Paris, France in June of 2016.

The Autumn Concert Feat. Daniel Hsu and Max Ma

Curtis pianist Daniel Hsu and Julliard pianist Max Ma played in an IMPACT concert together as featured artists. Guest artists include FIREBIRD and singer Richard McIntosh.

FIREBIRD Debut Concert Feat. Nana Ou-Yang

The piano trio FIREBIRD, consisting of members pianist Robert Tsai, violinist Christine Shieh, and cellist Kevin Lucero, had their first debut concert in April of 2015. The concert also showcased the cello prodigy and Taiwanese film star Nana Ouyang (歐陽娜娜as a guest artist. Nana’s younger sister, Didi Ouyang, also performed a ballet cameo as an encore to the concert. Photos were taken by Ronald Ji (Click for Ronald’s Instagram).

Watch the entire concert here!

2014 China Tour

IMPACT was invited to be a guest performer at the opening ceremony for the MeiLi Festival in Beijing. IMPACT students performed highlights from the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack and dressed as pirates. With an audience of over 4000 people in attendance, the performance received praise. Afterwards, IMPACT students participated in the MeiLi Competitions, where many of the students won Gold and Silver awards. The tour highlights also included climbing the Great Wall of China, doing community service at a senior home by providing free performances, and visiting other local attractions.

2013 Hungary Tour

2012 Taiwan Tour

IMPACT collaborated with Dun Hua and Ku Ting Elementary Schools in two concerts at the Taipei Family Theater and in Luzhou. Afterwards, IMPACT students went on a tour through Taiwan, engaging in and understanding Taiwan’s culture.